I got 99 problems, but my paints ain't one.

With other paintings, I have no problem going with crazy skin colors. But with this one, I felt a latent urge to get it somewhat right. Drawing the lips, or the bridge of the nose, I wondered subconsciously if I was being racist by being accurate. I don't consider myself racist in any way, but my worrying over perception caught me off guard. In my entry for "stupidest thing a white boy has ever thought," I actually wondered if Jay-Z would be offended at this likeness of him. I actually went there. So allow me to appease my conscience.

[Closed circuit to Jay-Z]

Can I call you Jigga? No? Didn't think so. Man, if you actually care about a white boy wannabe illustrator in Colorado, you have way too much time on your hands. Go back to pioneering hip-hop, or better yet, go back to Beyonce. Speaking of which, what up with that? The first stanza of "Big Pimpin" led me to believe you weren't the type to give your heart to a woman. I believe your exact words were, "not for nothin', never happen, I'll be forever mackin." Your response?

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