New flippos

"Out with the old, in with the new. A trip to the dog park, a bit of yard work, and some shopping, ending with me scoring some new flip flops. My old ones have served me well over the past year, but their time had come. They were warped, worn, and dilapidated. So my new ones are clean, shaped, and have many miles ahead of them. They're also more expensive and heavier than any pair I've had before. Sweet.

"The new set of cheap paints I got have a much different brush than my first set. It almost looks usable. I may try it once or twice, but I doubt it will replace my Princeton #2 round. Still, it does seem a bit posh for the 97¢ price tag."

Purple really scans like garbage. The brown isn't much better. Suffice it to say this looks more verisimilar in person.

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