Creation of a holiday.

I know the "holidays" have just ended, but it's in response to that that Gordon and I have created a new holiday.

We were lamenting the stressfulness and togetherness with family that traditional winter holidays always seem to bring about. So, the ideal anti-holiday would be one which was meant to relieve stress and where you absolutely WOULD NOT spend time with your family. When thinking of things you really wouldn't want to do with your family around, hot lovin' came to mind. Hence a holiday was born:

Freaky Deaky Day.

From now on, the fourth Saturday in June is Freaky Deaky Day. This year it falls on the 23rd. We wanted to follow the Church's tradition of ambushing a pagan holiday. We also wanted it to fall in the summer, which would allow for warm weather and not freezing without any clothes on. A quick search for pagan holidays in the summer turned up Sanziana. From Wikipedia:

"Sanziana is the name of a flower and also the name for a group of young, nice girl-spirits. People in the Western Carpatian Mountains celebrate the 'Sanziene' holiday on June 24th, every year. This is similar to the Swedish Midsummer holiday. It may be a pagan celebration of the summer solstice in June. Alternatively, church's opinion is that it celebrates the birthday of Saint John the Baptist, which also falls on June 24th."

So there you go. Now you can start creating your own Freaky Deaky Day traditions. You might choose to spend a quiet, relaxing day alone with your honey. (Soaking in separate baths overlooking California wine country, if you live in a Cialis commercial.) Or you might want to organize a big party with the sole purpose of ending with everyone getting busy. Basically, it's Valentine's Day without gifts, chocolate, or romance. Just getting buckwild.

Mark your calendars, it's going to be great.

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