A rare delve into politics.

There's been some hubbub the last few days surrounding the announcement that Barack Obama is looking into running for president in 2008. Believe you me, there will be plenty more commotion to follow.

I can remember watching his speech at the 2004 DNC and thinking to myself, "Dang, that guy's gonna be huge." You could tell. Everyone could tell. That one speech alone was enough to propel him to the upper ranks of the Democratic party. Reading through some of his legislation and causes, I'm really starting to like the guy.

I've been a lifelong Republican (raised that way), and looking at their hopefuls for presidential candidates, it's a little ho-hum. I've found myself becoming more liberal in my thinking, ironic considering I live smack dab in the middle of the Evangelical Vatican, Colorado Springs. (Related note: read this book) If the election were held today, I daresay I would give this guy my vote.

I'm not writing this to persuade you how great he is, I leave it up to you to look into it for yourself. Here's his Senate webpage. Listen to some podcasts and see what you think.

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