Thoughts on my favorite show.

24 is getting predictable. Last night I had to stifle a few laughs as I keep watching what is devolving into a cliche. Of course he's going to get the guy out of the helicopter right before it smashes to the ground, and of course it's going to burst into a huge ball of flame. Of course Fayed made it out and has the four other nukes. And of course they don't have time to send someone else to interrogate Jack's brother and father. Duh.

Chloe said, "Why do people I know keep dying?" Everyone in America at that point said, "Because it's 24." I really feel like this season they're retreading a lot of the same ground, with just enough twists to pass it off as a new season. Yawn. I might have to go back to Heroes.

Which reminds me, Jack's brother's wife is the same actress as Nathan Petrelli's wife in Heroes, right? Has an actress ever appeared on two competing shows at the same time before now?

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