Flying back to Denver.

On the flight back from Atlanta to Denver, I had time to reflect on what knowledge I had acquired and how I would start applying that to my working life. I had tried to draw the seat in front of me, but somebody couldn't stop playing with the reclining button. And so I thought the memory of a small glass of Coke would serve as adequate fodder for my clumsy, unintentionally-cubist drawing habit.

1. Write two hours each week, minimum.
2. Play with word placement.
3. Don't be afraid of using humor in work.
4. Work on always having an answer.
5. Make more lists.
6. Take ten minutes every morning to think of nothing.
7. Develop department brand.
8. Frequent more design sites.
9. Work on appealing to reptile and monkey thinking.
11. Sell my ideas.
12. Work A LOT more on typography.
13. Repeat ideas when necessary.
14. Say no more often.
15. Play the ball where the monkey drops it."

A lot of these haven't quite been implemented yet, but it's nice to organize my thoughts every now and then.

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thea said...

Stumbled on this blog due to a cross-link "Kids in the Hall" YouTube post.

Good words. Good art.