Today's the day.

Today marks the second step in the Great Tying Down of Nick. Step 1: Marriage. Check. Step 2: House. At 1 p.m., check. Step 3: Baby. Hmmm... Two out of three ain't bad.

It seems to me that the true geniuses of the past name their houses/estates. This is a tradition that I feel needs some reviving. Up until this point I've been referring to our new house as "Candy Mountain," in honor of this wonderful video. But as of yesterday that idea had been officially shot down by the Mrs. So we were able to agree on a new name that I feel carries just as much awesomeness to it: Leatherchaps. Beholden.

Anyway, here's a drawing if you like that kind of thing.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the house! It's a hudge step, for me it was more stressful than being married. (to be sarcastic) Come on, 20 or 30yrs of mortgage vs. that of the cheap version of American marriage. House is scary!
Guy and will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary next month.