Gearing up for Hot 'Lanta.

Attention vendors who are planning on having a booth at the HOW Conference in Atlanta next week: I am sincerely interested in your goods and services!

Please send me a postcard detailing your free giveaways, contests, promotions, etc. I will be at your booth with an eager smile and a gleam in my eye for whatever you want to sell to me. I don't actually have the power to buy your products, but I can certainly carry the word back to Colorado with me, especially if I have a free t-shirt or key ring with which to remember you by.

Join your fellow companies like: Modern Postcard, Wausau Paper, and Savannah College of Art & Design in offering things to people. It's not that I'm only interested in your free stuff, but I have a bad memory and so if you'd like another customer you might have to pony up a lil' sumpin', or at the very least entertain me for five to ten minutes.

Thank you.

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Gordon said...

dude, see if you can get a "Wausau Paper Exporer" cd while you're there. i totally programmed the crap out of that thing!