Easter weekend

Did you miss me?

"March 22, 2008—Where will Marcia's keys lead us today? Probably nowhere, since I do all of the driving. But it is a pretty nice Saturday, so we will probably end up out and about. No doubt on a hunt for children's books, so Marcia can get a leg up on the pile while she's on spring break. And the dog park too, our typical Saturday tradition. I'm also hoping to make it to Meininger's, to peruse the art supplies. That place is like a candy store."

So sooner had I written this than the weather turned. We ended up with 4 inches of snow. But we did make it to the dog park, and to Meininger's. Also, this is another niece of mine, Hailey. I'm grateful that little boys don't have to wear easter stuff like this. I'd have some issues if they did.

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