You're welcome

Three songs in my head, that will infect yours:

Vadrum Meets Super Mario Bros 2
One, this guy has a sweet rig. Two, they just don't make video game theme songs like they used to. Three, be prepared for the fact that you will want to take two pens and hit everything around you.

Foux da fafa
I have no way of proving this, but Matt B is behind this. Of that I'm certain. I fully encourage you to bring aspects of this to your life. Twirl umbrellas, pop out from behind trees, use French phrases and words out of context. I'll admit that when my wife and I walked past the bread section in Wal-Mart after I saw this, I pulled out a baguette and said, "Oh ho ho ho!!!" It was funny to me. She disagreed.

I love the Jose Gonz√°lez version of this song, but I just discovered how great the original one is. It's even better.

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