In the brown shag carpet of a cheap motel

We're double dipping today!

You know how sometimes your friends can grab your camera, and take a picture without you knowing about it? And then you don't get the roll of film developed for years? And then you're looking at the developed pictures and don't remotely recognize where this one picture came from? Well it turns out you can get back at them by making an unflattering illustration of them. In your face, friends! In your respective faces!

A very stately house near the SCSU campus. It's apparently on the National Register of Historic Places, though I haven't yet figured out why. Perhaps some research is in order? I bought a real fine brush and used it on this one. I need to practice my fine lines for an unrelated project.

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John said...

It's a small reminder of a simpler time.

Jan said...

brown shag...i am guessing that is me and mess?

Leads me to believe that was the hotel in which you ended up staring at the little red light on the alarm clock to keep yourself from throwing up because you were spinning. I believe that was after we visited that quaint little bar on the river in seville and drank more sangria than i've ever had since.

unflattering. this is true. That is why digital cameras are a good thing for those of us who like to steal shots on others cameras. You can delete the bad ones...