A funny story.

Last night I'm laying on my couch, watching some crime drama centering around dead hookers. I don't remember which one. CSI? Medium? Criminal Minds? Can anyone distinguish between them anymore? Poor hookers, always gettin' killed all the time. Anyway, my dog Sasha comes up and sets her front paws on the couch, looking for attention. I oblige, scratching her back. She loves that, apparently that's where the itches always are. You can tell when you hit the spot because she sticks her nose straight out as far as it will go and halfway shuts her eyes, sort of as a way to say, "Oh yeah, right there. That's the money." So I'm scratching her back and I hit the spot, no doubt. She is lovin every second of it. So much so, in fact, that she lets out a long, low squeaker. I can't convey how funny this was, but the timing could not possibly have been any better. So I'm busting a gut, but there's more. Sasha has this thing where she's surprised every time she farts. So while I'm almost crying from laughing so hard, she's looking around to see where that noise came from, getting a good whiff of her own brand. I just about died. It was too funny.

Unrelatedly, I did this:

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Paul Berry said...

Dogs are funny. Really funny.