Musical memories.

In response to a comment the other day, I decided to stop shuffling songs. We'll see how long it lasts, but I started in earnest yesterday on the drive home. I was surprised when the second song followed the first. I knew the order of this album because I had listened to it in sequence many times, but it had been so long that hearing one song properly followed by the next song threw me off. Then I was surprised by the fact that I was surprised. It was a very introspective commute.

I thought more about how music is tied to specific memories and I came across a curiosity. I borrowed or burned "Something to Write Home About" by the Get Up Kids from someone in late 2001. This was the first time I ever heard it. But it sounded instantly familiar, and in fact from the very first listen it has been very closely tied in my mind to memories from 1998-99. I've tried to disect the possibilities as to why this is, but I've gotten nowhere. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Ever had music remind you of a time before you even knew that music existed?


jan. said...

I think it has to do with being able to connect to the time and place that the songs were written. The time that you associate with something to write home about was probably written then. music is shaped by the world around the writer. oh, and i think it was my something to write home about cd that was loaned to you. I remember this because I was sans that cd for a memorable period of time as a result.

on a side note, i have now given up my shuffle on my ipod with one exception. it is too much of a pain in the ass to actively manage my music listening while running, and as such. shuffle will still be used during running, at least on the tread mill. because if I take my eyes off the top of the tread mill i would probably fall off.

Nick said...

Yeah sorry I didn't get that back to you sooner (sort of).

Safety first.