Some links to kill time.

A happy hello to visitors from San Francisco, Calgary, Rome, Tucheng, Carlisle, and Lakeville! How about a couple of links to brighten your day.

1. Heart Made of Sound. Yeah I'm ripping this link off from Design Observer, but I've been obsessed with this video and song for a week now. I love it, you will too.

2. Developers. This guy runs Microsoft. If you search through the related links you'll find the source videos for this masterpiece. I secretly think Steve Ballmer hired someone to do this, because I can't stop thinking "developers, developers..." after I hear it. Thanks for the tip, G Money!

3. Start This Sentence. I would completely hang with Demitri Martin. And despite its ties with Windows Vista (or Mac OS Xb as I like to call it), Clearification has some pretty funny stuff on it too. Thanks for the tip, Jan!

Wow, I get all my stuff from someone else. I guess we all do though. As the good book says, "There is nothing new under the sun, except for new Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips!" Or something like that.

Also, here's a picture for a t-shirt I invented. It's for all tha playaz out there.

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