Ah, graveyard week.

It's that heady time of year that makes you believe anything is possible. That one magical week between Christmas and New Year's where leftover cookies are flowing, deadlines seem less pressing, and formal attire (along with work ethic, for that matter) is entirely optional. To tell you the truth, I went a little stir crazy in the last week. First a "legendary" blizzard makes me stay inside for two days, then one day of work, then four days off for Christmas. No wonder I shaved my head last night. This always happens when cabin fever sets in.

Yes, I'm really happy to be back at work today. I'm the only one in my department this week, so the music is up and spirit is high. This happens to coincide with a light patch in my workload. It's a party all up in here. A mellow, kinda boring, but welcome party.

I'd just like to update everyone to the fact that I don't give a crap about football for the rest of this season. I'm burnt out on fantasy football, weekly pick 'em and my inevitable inferiority to technology, but most of all I'm burnt out on the Vikings. After that Thursday night game I really can't think of much to be happy about in relation to my favorite team. I'm optimistic about next year, but not as much as I should be. Ironically, the biggest thing that I see needing changing is the coaching. Namely, the playcalling. But yeah, I'm mostly done with football posts for the year.

One more time, I've redone the look. But you noticed that already. This is due to my jumping over to the new version of Blogger and the fact that I didn't really like the last look. Maybe this one will stick. Holla!

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