Me vs. ESPN braintrust, week 13.

It might look like I'm slipping, but I'm actually closer to the lead than I was four weeks ago. Is anybody else not impressed by the way the computerized Accuscore really isn't any step up from human intelligence? I mean really, what are the societal ramifications of this experiment? And the heck with it, we'll throw Theismann back in there, just for holiday kicks.

Accuscore 125-67 (8-8)
Golic 117-75 (11-5)
Jaworski 116-76 (9-7)
Schlereth 116-76 (8-8)
Allen 116-76 (8-8)
Me 115-77 (9-7)
Salisbury 115-77 (9-7)
Theismann 107-72 (8-7)
Hoge 112-80 (9-7)
Mortensen 104-88 (9-7)

NOTE: AccuScore has been updated. As it turns out, human intelligence has nothing on superior computer programming. Just one more form of humility, it seems. Thank you, anonymous commenter!


Anonymous said...

For the record, AccuScore is actually 9 games higher than ESPN is listing. For example, if you click on week 4, AccuScore was credited as 9-5 but you can see, AccuScore went 12-2. The actual AccuScore record is 125-66 after 13 weeks making it #1 of the pro experts, not just ESPN.

Nick said...

Well hot dog in the morning. That makes me feel a lot better. But it did only go 8-8 this week, so in your face technology!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this was AccuScore's worst week in two seasons. It should be noted that AccuScore is crushing the competition in NCAA (under the name of Harmon Forecast).