Week 14 rundown.

Zwounds! What a Sunday! Let's run this down propa.

Vikings 30, Lions 20
It would've been the absolute worst loss of the season if the Vikes had blown this, as they've owned Detroit for the past five years. Don't go picking up Artose Pinner for next week in fantasy though. Or at least, watch the reports out of Minny if you absolutely need to.

Bengals 27, Raiders 10
I kept seeing the stat line on Palmer and his INT total kept going up. I was afraid my fantasy team's playoff hopes were shot. Somehow he ended up with decent points. I really need to figure out the scoring system.

Ravens 20, Chiefs 10
This one was ugly. It really was. Paul gets my sympathy after this utterly deflating loss.

Dolphins 21, Patriots 0
With all due respect to the Jaguars, this was the eye-opening score of the week. Not because Miami won, which in itself is a surprise, but because they absolutely SHUT OUT New England. Wasn't it just a couple weeks ago that we were touting the Pats as the AFC frontrunners? Looks like it's a race from the playoffs for more than a couple teams.

Falcons 17, Bucs 6
Yawn. Wake me up when Atlanta loses in the wild card weekend again.

Eagles 21, Redskins 19
Yawn. Wake me up when Philly loses the other wild card game. Dang, I need some coffee.

Giants 27, Panthers 13
I was flipping over to this game a lot, not because I like either of these teams, but because I love feeling like I'm fourteen years old again every time the announcers say, "Weinke."

Jags 44, Colts 17
J'uh?! This was a surprise. I think we all expected at least four more weeks out of the Colts before they completely fell apart. And please, let's not all get in a tizzy about how great Jacksonville is. Remember, they've lost twice to Houston.

Titans 26, Texans 20 (OT)
This one scores a 7.8 on the vindication scale for Vince Young. I think he and Travis Henry are going places, as long as they're together.

Packers 30, 49ers 19
Wow. Looks like they put a little extra juice on Favre's defibrulator before the game. Keep it up Brett, you'll need this mojo if you're going to hold your team hostage again this offseason. As for the rest of us, let's remember these days well. Someday we'll say to our grandchildren, "I remember seeing Brett Favre take a young but talented squad and lead them to a glorious 7-9 record."

Bills 31, Jets 13
Yawn. Wake me when the Jets are shredded in the wild card too. And where's my fricken latte already?!

Chargers 48, Broncos 20
I really can't say much about this one, I think it's enough to bask in the glow of Bronco fans' dashed playoff hopes. Big ups to LDT.

Cards 27, Seahawks 21
Man, is there anyone in the NFC that even wants it anymore?

Saints 42, Cowboys 17
Ah, here we go. What a great breath of fresh air this is. New Orleans has my official fanship now. I'd love them to make the Super Bowl, mostly because the two weeks of hype could actually find some decent stories in a city like the Big Easy. Sean Payton, I'm convinced, is a genius. He game plans so well, and not just against Dallas. He deconstructed a hot Atlanta team in week 3, a hot Philly team not too long after that. I'm telling you, he's a great coach. Conversely, when I listened to Grammatica shank a field goal right before halftime, here's what I said to myself, "Oh heavens, how unfortunate for that poor fellow. I suppose his coach must be a mite perturbed by this. Alas, I fear it cannot be helped. Pity though." Really. That's what I said. There was no gloating, mean-spirited, profanity-laced tirade involved. Honest.

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