Another storm.

Last week there was a blizzard that slammed into town on Wednesday morning and didn't leave until Thursday afternoon. It wasn't a very long storm, but it had a lot of force to it. I was sent home from work just after lunch on Wednesday and by that time it had already become the worst weather I've ever driven in. (And that's really saying something.) I spent the next 20-some hours cooped up inside, and the resulting snow piles still haven't been completely cleared away or melted.

There was virtually nonstop coverage of the storm on at least three channels. It was infuriating. I can see giving a quick, 3-minute update every half hour, but this was ridiculous. The people already inside generally don't want to keep being reminded of how cold and blustery it is outside, and the people outside don't need to be told how bad it is, not to mention the fact that they aren't in front of a TV anyway.

Now there's another storm about to roll in. There are conflicting reports over how much snow it will bring, but it's following essentially the same path as the storm that shut down the city last week. The local news last night said 10 to 16 inches, the National Weather Service says 5 to 10. It definitely looks like it will take longer to get through here than its predecessor though. My plan is to avoid television altogether. I may watch some movies, I may dip into the second season of 24 on DVD, I may play guitar. But I will not be bombarded by yet another mind-numbing slew of interruptions.

Great, even as I'm typing it just started to snow. It looks so innocent right now, we'll see how innocent it is when it goes away on Saturday (or Sunday?).

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