Let's hand out some awards.

2006 Gamutless Best Peanuts-related Blog Post Award:
Good grief/bad moves by Ken Jennings
Until this post, I always thought the dancing was worth emulating. I admit, I've done it from time to time. Moulzolf knows. But now I guess I know just how white I am.

2006 Gamutless Funniest Commercial Award:
Singing Bunny by Skittles
Absurdist comedy is hilarious. The more random, the better. Starburst really started a nice uptick of weird, non-make-sensical commercials, and for that they really deserve some kind of award. But Skittles took them just one extra step, and for not actually doing most of the risk-taking I'm proud to give this award to Skittles.

Guinea Pig by Midnight Spank
Man was this a close call. So close that I thought you really had to see this one too. There's a series of them, but this was the only one of the three I saw that made me LOL in the office. This one is also the runner up for...

2006 Gamutless Creepiest Commerical Award:
Long Beard by Skittles
Weird isn't always good. Sometimes it can just plain scare the poop out of you. Do you think anyone came to the writer of this commercial and gave him the ol', "WTF?!"

2006 Gamutless Next Pixar Voiceover Candidate Award:
Charlie Murphy
This cat has gone from obscure celebrity family member to top three people I want to hang out with in a matter of three years. Not bad. Seriously though, if they did a movie of my life, Charlie Murphy absolutely must be in it somehow. On a side note, feel free to quote lines from this in any professional or social situation. It's good times.

2006 Gamutless Most Recent Song Posted by Me Award:
The Armory
G-Money needed a track for his media player (link coming soon hopefully), so I busted it out. Respect.

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