Week 17 picks.

I know I just said I was done with football posts, but I went out on a limb this week, so I want documented proof when it turns out I picked a perfect sheet.

Giants in the playoffs? Seriously?!

NEW ORLEANS over Carolina
Saints want a first-round bye. Panthers have nothing left to play for.

HOUSTON over Cleveland
Um, do I have to pick this one? Texans are coming together lately.

DALLAS over Detroit
Could I be more upset that this is the game my market gets on Sunday? I submit to you that I could not.

Jacksonville over KANSAS CITY
Frankly, the Jags have a better run defense, and that's all the difference in this game.

TENNESSEE over New England
Titans are going to fight to the death to make the playoffs.

NY JETS over Oakland
This game I'm not really all that sure of. It could be the choke of the year.

CINCINNATI over Pittsburgh
Did you know that Jerome Bettis is from Detroit? It's true. I just heard about it.

Seattle over TAMPA BAY
Giants in the playoffs? Seriously?!

MINNESOTA over St. Louis
Brad Childress should just let the offensive coordinator do playcalling for this game. Seriously, give him some practice. It couldn't be worse.

Arizona over SAN DIEGO
Only because San Diego is going to phone this one in.

When are people going to learn that quarterbacks (Garcia) are much better when they have good receivers to throw to (Brown)?

BALTIMORE over Buffalo
I want to pick the Bills, but I just can't make myself do it.

T minus one week until the collapse. I hear Vanderjagt is available.

San Francisco over DENVER
This is my stone cold lock of the year. Bet your house on this. Seriously.

CHICAGO over Green Bay
Think Favre will get a standing O at Soldier Field?

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