Artistic musings.

I just finished listening to a track made by Graham Coxon in response to Franz Kline's Meryon. I wish I could say it was a great experience. I ended up feeling like I just wasted fifteen minutes. I could dink around in a studio for a while and call it art too you know. I just get so irritated with modern art (anything after about 1960) and its insistence on being so dense that it's completely inaccessible. They stand behind the excuse that you need to make your own conclusions, so they won't actually tell you what their art is about. Or give you a definite foothold, for that matter. But art needs to hit you where you're at and take you someplace you're not. That's art. Standing in front of an eight-foot canvas for ten seconds before you say, "I don't get it," and move on isn't art. But the people at the Tate actually came up with a good idea, to let contemporary musicians make a soundtrack to a work of art. Then Graham Coxon comes in and just adds to the titanium veil over an otherwise unmemorable painting. I want to like art so bad, why do they make it so hard?

It's been a long time since I've been all about an album. I've been dabbling and drifting in music for a few months. Well a coworker introduced me to Melpo Mene and I've been all about them for a few days now. Their album, Holes, is really good stuff. Mellow, playful, distinct, catchy. In the great pantheon of Swedish music, they're up there with ABBA, Europe, and Ace of Base. They have my recommendation fo' sho'.

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Anonymous said...

Art is so pompous these days. I believe the new "art" (as we connect it pre-1970) is in architecture. That is where the genius is. Art vs. Physics.