A couple things.

While I have a moment or two:

1. Remember the name Andreas Nodl. For those following college hockey (all eight of you), he's a freshman at St. Cloud State. He tallied three points this weekend as the Huskies extended their unbeaten streak to a best-ever eleven games. It took until after the holidays last year for the Huskies to find their stride. Being a top ten team this early in the year, it bodes well. Of course, this all means nothing if they can't win an NCAA tourney game come April.

2. I know that I'm completely riding the coattails of Bill Simmons on this one, but I heard a color comment during the Ravens/Chiefs game that just got stuck in my craw. Greg Gumbel (I think, I can't tell with announcers these days) was plugging tonight's 60 Minutes feature on Ultimate Fighting Championship. Fair enough. But then Dan Dierdorf (I think, I can't tell with colormen these days) chimes in with something about what it says about our society that something so barbaric can be so popular.

Now, I'm not really a huge UFC guy. I've seen a couple, it's entertaining enough. But Dan, don't you think that your audience might just have some UFC fans thrown in? Is it at all possible that the audience for the most violent mainstream sport in America might overlap a little with the audience for the most violent non-mainstream sport in America? Do you really want to piss them off?

I'm serious, I've had it with these color commentators. Oh really? UFC is barbaric? Well Dan, then why don't you just tell us what's happening on the effing football field already!!! Temper check, ok. I don't know what it is that makes television announcers feel obligated to give moral opinion, but isn't it time that we as the viewing audience started fighting back?


gordon said...

couldn't agree more about the color commentators. why not simply talk about what's happening on the field? the audience is watching the football game for a reason, and i'm guessing it's generally not to hear the commentators opinions about various, off-field topics.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least it isn't Dennis Miller anymore.