Week 15 picks.

I just don't have it in my to write an engaging football column today. So on with some really shallow pick 'em info:

SEATTLE over San Francisco
Yeah, I really blew that one, didn't I?

Dallas over ATLANTA
I think we all saw this Atlanta show last year, didn't we?

BALTIMORE over Cleveland
I wouldn't feel safe about the -11 1/2 on Baltimore. Cleveland shows up for one out of three games.

GREEN BAY over Detroit
Conceivably, Millen must be fired sometime, right? Right???

NEW ENGLAND over Houston
I don't care.

TENNESSEE over Jacksonville
Jaguars love laying eggs after they take a step forward.

Miami over BUFFALO
Remember when games between these two meant something?

Come on Chester, carry me just two more weeks.

Pittsburgh over CAROLINA
I don't care.

CHICAGO over Tampa Bay
Another week for Rex Grossman to fool people into thinking he's over his troubles. Playoff embarrasment coming soon.

NEW ORLEANS over Washington
Chasing a Reggie Bush box score worked last week, I can only hope it happens again.

Denver over ARIZONA
The perfect learning curve for both quarterbacks.

NY GIANTS over Philadelphia
Eventually I'd love the NFC East hype to die down, but I know it won't. Poo.

OAKLAND over St. Louis
I really really really don't care.

SAN DIEGO over Kansas City
What KC team is showing up? Does it matter?

Cincinnati over INDIANAPOLIS
Never before have so many fantasy football playoff games rested on one reality football game.

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