Politics make my brain hurt.

Woopsie. It seems it's been another proud moment for America as GW forgot to turn off his microphone during a break at the G8 summit. I'm sure you've heard all about it by now, but I really enjoy how we get a candid look at the relationships between world leaders. From reading the transcript, it seems like Bush would throw down with Kofi Annan if the two were out drinking one night. And all these super-evangelicals who hold up Bush as such a truly devout man are probably already coming up with excuses why an expletive just happened to slip out. Oh wait, that happened during the 2000 campaign too, didn't it? I guess even strong Christian leaders are allowed to be jerks with potty mouths.

And while we're on politics, I have something that I found flabergasting. We're coming up on mid-term elections and here in Colorado a man named Jeff Crank is running for congress. [Insert crank joke here.] A television commercial for him appeared on my TV the other day and left me almost speechless. It was him voicing over while a montage of super-patriotic clips of wartime footage rolled. His monologue began:

"In the war on terror, I stand with America."

Holy crap.

He's so going to win against his opponent, Assim Mohammed Hezbollah al Ikillyou. I always knew we had to choose sides in the war on terror, but how refreshing is it to see a public official who sides AGAINST the terrorists? Very refreshing, that's how much. Calling this empty rhetoric is an understatement the same way saying "Packers fans get under your skin" is a vast understatement. You can ask my wife, this commercial was so dumbfounding that I couldn't let it go for like ten minutes. This kind of crap is exactly what's wrong with America. It's the same garbage that makes fans vote for AJ Pierzynski over Francisco Liriano. Mass media and the abuse of advertising is rotting this country from the inside. Yes, I realize the irony that I'm using the most mass form of media around to say this.

So sue me.


jan. said...

just be glad you don't have to see the amy klobuchar ads for her senate race. (she was the Hennepin County DA, if you didn't remember.) she actually is taking credit for the fact that as the DA, she "put criminals in jail"

good for you amy. you did your job.

Nick said...

solid. tally another point for "duh". if her last name was crank you'd have a big winner there.