Oh, I have so much to tell about from the last twelve days. Let's get to it:

1. Nacho Libre is hands down the funniest movie I've seen this year. It isn't even close. Jack Black has perfected his craft to a whole new level with this role. Even Marcia enjoyed it. She hates dumb comedy, but somehow she loved this. Either she's morphing or this movie just plain owns. I'm guessing more of the latter. Do yourself a favor and see it today.

2. Jesus of the Week is a hilarious site that mirrors my JC wall at work. Speaking of which, I just added a postcard of this little beauty onto my wall. It's funny how many (Christian) people puke when they see something like this. On a related note, CBA conference is coming up next week in Denver. It's the Christian Booksellers Association, and it's awful. Well, some of it is really good, but most of it is awful. I'm bringing a digital camera this year so I'll have lots of fodder next week.

3. If you ever come to Colorado Springs, make sure you check out the money museum. I went there yesterday and I was blown away. Essentially money is graphic design and some countries have some really killer bills. There's a special section up now about Gilroy Roberts, who was an engraver and artist for the US Treasury. He's awsome. I came away totally inspired. And numismatists have such a cool title. I'm in the market for a different word for "graphic designer" that ends in "-ist". Suggestions?

4. A summation of my trip: Montana is beautiful and hot. High school kids are annoying and selfish. Sleeping in a tent is not for old people. Native Americans have it rough.

5. One last thing. While you're online and everything, take a minute to vote for Francisco Liriano. He needs it. Go Twinkies!

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