Ok first things first, because we hate breaking with our completely contrived concept of sequence. Links!

Don Miller is a pretty good writer. I read Blue Like Jazz, and found it a moderately entertaining and enlightening read. It wasn't quite as good as Velvet Elvis, but it did take longer to read. Anyway, some people feel about Don Miller the way that Jon Madden feels about Brett Favre. I'm not one of them. However, this article of his is pretty funny and gets you thinking about the nature of literature genres. Because I know you pine for that sort of thing.

I resisted Zefrank pretty hard for a while. Too trendy. It's like suddenly he's everywhere and whenever that happens I just can't give in. I eventually do give in, but well after the fact. I miss the initial trendiness and can bring about a secondary trendiness if the timing is right. But Zefrank is pretty funny. Not overly random, but the way he disects things makes you think. Or rather, he's "thinking so you don't have to". Convenient. Some of my faves are Minneapolis and Where the #&!@ Do Ideas Come From?

Second things second. Chicken tacos own, but can be unforgiving. 'Sbout it.

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