Clean-up on aisle four.

Let's get somethings straightened out from the weekend.

I thought I could overcome the shame that accompanied my blatantly ripping off a good idea on Friday, but sadly I cannot. I have felt so unoriginal since then. That's not good for someone who derives their very livelihood from creativity and originality. Not good at all. I need absolution.

The NFL draft went pretty well for my Vikings. I'm almost excited about next year. When Brady Quinn was available for the Vikes at #7, I felt quite conflicted. In the end I'm glad we picked up Adrian Peterson instead. Between him and Taylor we've got a great running force. Rookie of the year, I call it now. And I'm also still psyched about Tarvaris Jackson. I hope they hand him the keys. With Chad Greenway coming back from injury, it almost seems like we had an extra first-round draft pick this year. Solid.

So here's my predicament: I spent most of the last year wishing I could buy some new music. The budget's tight so I've had to put it all off. Then for my birthday last week I got like three iTunes gift cards, so much that I couldn't spend it all. I now have about $35 to hold onto and wait for new music to come out that I'd like to jump on. The problem is that THIS BLOWS. Is there really that little good music that's come out in the past year? Am I too afraid of blowing it to take a chance on something? Argh! My plan right now is to keep a close eye on metacritic for the next few months. I'm tempted to get Neon Bible.

That's it for now. Enjoy your Monday and remember: Daniel Craig couldn't hold Roger Moore's bellbottoms.


Jan said...

i suggest you purchase all but screaming's recent eps. i like them.

plus they have my vote for one of 3 "christian" bands that actually can play good music.

Gordon said...

jan, are the other bands dc talk and newsboys? jesus freak totally blows my mind!!!!

pberry said...

That is pretty much the worst predicament ever. I still have 1.19 because I just can't decide.