Herb Carneal.

YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE I'm very excited about the new baseball season. Very. But it's kind of a bittersweet day to be a Twins fan. Herb Carneal passed away.

I remember so well his voice on the radio when I was a kid. He had a classic way of calling a game, letting you know what was happening on the field without any fluff. He's as big a part of my childhood obsession with baseball as Kirby Puckett or my first glove. Here's my favorite quote from the article from Ernie Harwell:

"He was smooth, laid back, down the middle and very pleasant to listen to," Harwell said Sunday. "It was like you were an old friend and sitting around with him, maybe with his shoes off and a cigar or bottle of beer and just enjoying his company and in turn enjoying the ballgame."

He will be missed.

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