New glasses (follow-up).

It seems I've hit a chord with my post on new glasses. Allow me a moment of indulgence to comment on the comments:

"Anonymous": I knew you'd be pleased. I really wish I had the motivation to post to your I Heart Glasses group. If you could make an animation of your happy dance, I would gladly post it for all to enjoy.

Jan: Of COURSE you went for the Converse frames. Not that you're predictable or I'm pigeon-holing you or anything, but I wouldn't expect anything other than eyewear that fit exactly into your persona. Good selection.

Gordon: Don't worry, you pull off that look without the glasses.

Let me state here and now that I will never ever ever own a pair of aviator glasses. Here's why:

Don't ask me what he's doing in Rio, I don't know.


Gordon said...

Ummm... obvious answer: Being really, really, really serious.

Anonymous said...

I'll try and get that happy dance to you ASAP. I have pics of my new ones posted over on myspace.

PS. The reason I remain Anonymous is if I joined then I'd feel obligated to do one more thing everyday. Kind of lazy, I know.