A great album.

Thanks to Gordon, I saw this comic yesterday. It's a pretty funny strip if you ask me. Then again, it seems like Cat and Girl always brings it. One of my top two favorite online comics, behind Dinosaur Comics. Anyway, because of this I totally had a hankering to hear some Belle and Sebastian.

They rule. I absolutely love them. In a blog post from last summer, I had Dear Catastrophe Waitress ranked as my 14th most favorite album of all time. I think that's in the ballpark, but I might even move it back up to ten. There are only one or two songs all the way through that I don't love.

Why is this relevant? It fits into my whole "album vs. shuffle" debate. This was probably the last album that I listen to all the way through, repeatedly, for an extended period of time. In fact, most of my top twenty albums (if not all) have been treated that way. I'm tired of not having more albums to rank in my top fifty all time. I'm never going to rank songs. Only albums. So there.

In addendum/response to a comment the other day, yes I won a Cherry Coke. Someone at lunch tried to argue that River Phoenix died of AIDS. I called him on it, then someone found this online and that was that. Conveniently, that was the very same afternoon the vending machine died here at work, and I never did see my Cherry Coke. Reward pending, I guess. Everyone enjoy their Thursday.


pberry said...

yes, yes, reward pending.

and yes yes, albums are better than songs. I've tried shuffling and discs like Crane Wife and The Ringing Bell just don't work. I think Sufjan Stevens, and by way of copying..ERRRR...professional admiration David Crowder Band, has taken a good approach to making shuffle really weak.

Anonymous said...

He died outside the Viper Room, I thought everyone knew that. (Other detais I can give on demand)Maybe I'm just special knowing stuff like that. That's why when Jeopardy comes here on the 28th I'm gonna kick some ass and get on the show.

Anonymous said...

Unless it comes to spelling or typing.