Let's congratulate some people, shall we?

OH HOW I HAVE a few random, unconnected things to talk about.

Congrats to the Twins for overcoming a shaky Johan Santana performance to beat the Orioles last night. I didn't realize how much I missed baseball until yesterday. It provides literally endless fodder day in and day out through October. No other sport is quite like it. No American sport anyway, I'm not quite sure how cricket goes about its business.

Congrats to Billy Ray Cyrus for being the worst dancing celebrity I have ever seen. My sample pool is a little small for that kind of judgement, as last night was the first episode of Dancing With the Stars I've ever sat down and watched, but HOLY CANOLI was Cyrus bad. You would think a musician would have more natural rhythm and wouldn't have to count to themselves visibly while they dance. Oh wait, he plays country music. I guess he doesn't necessarily qualify as a "musician." Side congrats to Heather Mills, for riding her sympathy votes all the way to the top. Did you know she has a fake leg?!?!

Congrats to my wife for bringing me to new levels of shame. How? By waking up at 5 AM on her spring break. Nothing makes you feel lazier than sleeping in past your wife while she's on vacation and you're not. For an encore, my gardening exploits go unrewarded while she's got beet plants shooting up like mad. I'm not bitter.

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