Long day yesterday, I tell you what.

Here's a nightmare scenario: You hop out of the shower in the morning, ready to tackle a new work week fresh off a three-day weekend. You hear a siren off in the distance and think to yourself, "Man, sucks to be them." Then you hear the beep on your answering machine letting you know you have a message. You stop cold.

Nobody should be calling you before 7 am.

The message is from your wife. She says she's been in an accident and needs you to come quick. You throw on yesterday's clothes from the closet floor, frantically scrape your windshield. You wonder if she's ok. She didn't say she was hurt, and THANK GOD it wasn't the hospital calling you, but you wonder about the car and if she maybe doesn't seem hurt because of adrenaline but really she's in bad shape.

You get there and the car's front end is smashed to bits. Your wife is keeping warm in a squad car. You breathe a sigh of relief, then dive into the endless stream of paperwork and insurance claims. An interesting wrinkle is that the cops spend an awful long time talking to the other driver, which ends in him being driven off in the back of a black & white.

That whole scenario made my day pretty long yesterday. My wife is fine, the nightmare Pontiac will soon be destroyed, and I don't know what happened to the other driver (other than that he also filed a claim, despite being completely at fault).

Today has to go better.


Gordon said...

yikes. glad marcia is ok, that's messed up, and definitely not a good way to start the day. as if i had to mention it...

Baby Bella Berry said...

Today is better. You won a cherry coke.

Jan said...

you won a cherry coke? nice.

glad to hear marcia is ok.