Me vs. ESPN braintrust, week 3.

I had another shaky week, but it looks like everyone else did as well. Big ups for the Saints, who saved me from pastry purgatory in the office. I went 8-6, which for the week tied Salisbury and Jaworski, and beat Theismann, Hoge, Mortensen (5-9?!), and Golic. Only Schlereth and Allen had me this time. For the season:

Hoge 30-16
Schlereth 30-16
Me 28-18
Allen 28-18
Jaworski 28-18
Salisbury 28-18
Theismann 26-17
Golic 27-19
Mortensen 26-20

And looking ahead to week four, I'm worried. Too many visiting teams to pick, too many games too close to call.

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