Me vs. ESPN braintrust, week 4.

I lost a game this week, going 9-5. It was unavoidable though. Lots of difficult games. Jaworski also leaped above me. But here's a question: why does anyone let Joe Theismann pick? He seems to know less about picking winners than most girls. Not to mention he mucks up the percentages by not picking the Monday night game. I'm beginning to loathe that guy.

Schlereth 40-20
Jaworski 39-21
Hoge 38-22
Me 37-23
Salisbury 37-23
Golic 37-23
Allen 35-25
Mortensen 35-25
Theismann 32-24

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Paul Berry said...

Even if he had every Monday night game right, you'd be ahead of him. And he'd be in next to next to next to last place in our pool. Sucker.