Star Trek

I have to admit, I haven't seen an episode of the original Star Trek in many years. I certainly haven't seen one on non-cable channels. But tonight one showed up on TV, and baffled, the wife and I watched.

Turns out it was the Halloween episode. I don't know if they made more than one, but this one is so incredibly cheesy. I don't actually know if every episode was this bad (as it's been so long, as noted above), but it's hardly even watchable. I love it.

Unrelated note: I, along with Gordon (one of my three confirmed readers), have come up with The 365 Project on flickr. It's an attempt to take and upload one picture a day for all of 2007. I've started already, just to get in the habit. I also have my own personal page of photos, if you care.

Just eat the sandwich!

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