Yeah, about last night...

Mark it on your calendars, October 30, 2006 is the day I officially jumped off the instant replay bandwagon. I just can't believe that indisputable visual evidence of tucking the ball, turning upfield, taking three steps, and fumbling on your way down isn't enough to overturn an erroneous incomplete pass call. I don't know what kind of dirt Bill Belichick has on Larry Nemmers, but it's gotta be good. Matt Millen good.

Not like that would've saved the Vikings anyway.

Did you know Tom Brady was the youngest quarterback to ever win the Super Bowl? It's true. At age 9, Brady passed for 884 yards and nine touchdowns in one game, completing passes to 26 different receivers. Amazingly, he finished with more completions than attempts. One of his touchdowns was caught simultaneously by two receivers, and everyone thought it was such a nice pass that it counted for two completions.

Did you know Tom Brady once chopped down a tree with his bare hands? It's true. Apparently he used his perfect teeth on the felled oak to whittle a cute little dinette set.

Did you know Tom Brady invented the cure for cancer? It's true. He's only allowing the pink merchandise for "breast cancer research" to continue because he knows a couple orphanages that could use the money. Isn't he great?

Yes, I'm fulling embracing the bitterness.

If Brad Childress knew anything, he'd start Tarvaris Jackson from here on out.

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